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Congo: harsh living conditions in pool region, residents in dire need
Mbandza Ndounga, is a village located in the pool region of the Republic of Congo, about fifty kilometers from the capital Brazzaville. It is home to refugees who have fled conflict prone regions. The...
[Africanews] 19/06/2018
Razed villages and empty fields await Congo-Brazzaville’s displaced
Civilians can finally return to Congo’s Pool region, but a shaky peace agreement and scarce food and services may keep them away
[IRIN] 18/06/2018
Congo-Brazzaville satellite images
Satellite images provide evidence of villages razed in Congo-Brazzaville
[IRIN] 18/06/2018
UPDATED: Congo-Brazzaville’s hidden war
In the government’s scorched-earth campaign against opposition “Ninjas”, civilians are the overwhelming victims
[IRIN] 18/06/2018
Ghana eliminates trachoma, freeing millions from suffering and blindness
Ghana eliminates trachoma, freeing millions from suffering and blindness 13 June 2018 ¦ Brazzaville ¦ Accra ¦ Geneva - The World Health Organization (WHO) today congratulated Ghana for having...
[WHO] 13/06/2018
- Call for release of ailing Brazzaville newpaper editor Ghys Fortuné Bemba, held for 13 months
The call for the release of newspaper editor Ghys Fortuné Bemba, who has been arbitrarily detained for 14 months, becomes more critical as his health deteriorates.
[IFEX] 02/03/2018

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Así vivimos con Congo la DERROTA de Colombia (...)
20 June 2018 at 00:54

CONGO está TRISTE Y ABURRIDO por la Derrota de (...)
20 June 2018 at 00:22

19 June 2018 at 19:32

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